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For Sale. Ideal Property to develop your Permaculture dream in Oratia, Waitakere Ranges


Two permitted dwellings on just over 2.5 north facing acres. Plenty of water.  There is also an enormous barn big enough to convert to Wwoofer accommodation but still provide a very large workshop. » Read more

David Holmgren talks Transition and Strategy

Co-orginator of the Permaculture concept David Holmgren is one of the few big thinkers that has logically analysed the coming crises without getting bogged down in the doom and gloom.

If you have not come across Holmgren's ideas around Future Scenarios then this interview is well worth a look.




Inductive Charging

Here's on for those interested in electric vehicles.

Definitely falls into the realm of Ecotopian GreenTech so not a "Transition" community innitiative but certainly a way to de-petroleum urban transport at the city or state level.

What I think is interesting about this is that the technology was developed here in NZ by Auckland University and demonstrates that there is a lot of work, innovation and development around sustainable transport going on out there in mainstream land » Read more

The latest from the makers of "The Story of Stuff"


And while I'm at it.


This one may be a little contentious but I think its worth putting out there. » Read more

Geoff Lawton's latest Permaculture video

Been meaning to post this for a while now but have had a bit of trouble attaching the videos. » Read more

Amory Lovin's strategy for reshaping the US transport sector

Hi All,

I was trawling through the TED talks yesterday and I came across a very interesting talk by Amory Lovins on work he has done to ween America of foriegn oil. » Read more

Collective Moods


I recently read of a study by Harvard Medical Scool (sorry can't find the link) that moods spread through social network, "like ripple on a pond". The mood of those you associate with can rub off on you, you don't even have to be geographically close to them. Ifact its often  the moods of people you don't know but have a connection through others that effect your mood the most.

Anyone on to test this hypothesis?

Iv'e been a bit bummed out of late and my sense is that that is a mood permeating Transition at the moment. » Read more

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