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Tasman District Council declares war on Lifeboaters.

Tasman District Council is on the warpath against lifeboat-builders. » Read more

What’s wrong with Commons anyway?

This fits well with the general theme of Transition Towns and re-localisation and seems particularly relevent in light of the proposed government sell-off of our water and energy resources. Reposted from the Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog

....just how "unaware" an intelligent / well educated person can be......

Oops, I'm doing it again......   ........And if you want to have a laugh, or alternatively give  yoursellf a stressy brain-haemmorhaging apoplexy at just how retarded an intelligent / well educated person can be if they really put their mind to it, take a look at this (but don't waste too much time on it, its just for fun.....)

Should We Take United Nations’ Projections Seriously?

Much as I do not much like the idea of merely linking to other writers stuff as opposed to writing ones own "original content", this came through on my reading list today and I thought it was well worth sharing.

Should We Take United Nations’ Projections Seriously? » Read more

Dick Smith, Sustainability and Steady-State Economics.

Much time and energy is expended by those concerned with transition initiatives iinto ways of addressing resource depletion. The most obvious one is actually moving to a way of living that we call "sustainable", which we usually define as using resources no faster than they can be replaced by natural ecosystems. That much abused word has spawned a hundred oxymorons courtesy of the sophistry of PR drones in every industry and field of commerce. » Read more

NZ Government is Anti-Resilience

I don't believe the government has any intention of taking steps to build resilience or even to take steps to create the conditions for communities to create resilience for themselves. I believe the government are actively hostile to the concept of community resilience. I believe a government of the left would equally be hostile to community resilience but they would use bureaucratic rather than economic means to undermine resilience. » Read more

Organic Quinoa not so clever

It seems that the fashion among the well-to-do of the developed world for this nutritious food is causing problems in the Altiplano region of Bolivia where it is produced;

Soil erosion, soil fertility depletion and unaffordability to the indigenous population that grows it but can no longer afford to eat it. Think twice before you buy this product again!

The Saxon Villages of Transylvania: A Mediaeval Model for the Future Eco-Village?

I was prompted by an article in the most recent Ecologist magazine to find out more about these remnant mediaeval villages as a potential model for future farming as I see it.  All the links from the article had the inevitable "coffee-table magazine' look about them- pretty flowers, wild animals you know the sort of thing- triumph of style over substance.

Eventually I came across this report commissioned by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales and published way back in 2001 » Read more

MAF-Biosecurity lets Plant & Food CRI off the Hook Again!

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