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This page is dedicated to all "national level" questions that arise within the network. Whatever it is that concerns us all, will be posted here.

Transition Towns New Zealand is about to reach a new stage of its evolution. Whilst we have operated with no "national level structure" in the past, the need is arising now to create a form of national level body whilst being true to Transition principles every step of the way. See this page evolve in its content alongside a new way of facilitating a vibrant Transition Network. 

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Friends of Transition Towns Trust

Here is the outline as it has evolved from this dialogue. This has now been passed to Julie in Hawkes Bay to work into a Charitable Trust.

We are proposing a "Friends of Transition Towns Trust". This trust will not claim to represent Transition Towns, but be in support of the Transition work being undertaken all across the country.

Principles » Read more

A national service entity

Transition Towns Structure ideas

Begun on June 16, 2009 with Ruth Marsh (kerikeri), Natalie Hormann (Lower Hutt), and James Samuel (Waiheke) via a skype call, while collaborating on a shared document. This has grown out of discussion on this thread, amongst others.
If you would like to join in our next Transition Tuesday skype call (9am - 12 noon, June 16th) and be part of the online editing of a version we can begin writing into a Trust document, please connect with me via skype name: jmsinnz
Meanwhile, add your comments here and next Tuesday we can bring them into the collaborative writing on Etherpad.
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