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Ships sitting idle

From the NY Times: About 700 ships are currently just sitting around doing nothing, moored off Singapore. Apparantly there is not much cargo needing moving these days.

The photo is a hint, but you don't really begin to grasp the situation until you start poking around with google maps. » Read more

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For those who appreciate the theatre of the mind here is a torrent link from a really great website devoted to BBC radio.  Its 104 Megabytes so you'll need a Bit-torrent programme » Read more

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Dr Robert Costanza on ecological economics

Dr Robert Costanza, Director of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics gave a talk at Wellington’s Victoria University on the best response to the ecological and financial crises that are unfolding. Costanza was invited by the NZ Green Party to speak at their policy conference recently. » Read more

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AIG bonus bemusement

I'm a bit confused by all the loud noises and expressions of outrage being made by AIG giving it's workers bonuses. » Read more

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Handing out food & supplies in a tent city

Near Sacramento in California there's a large tent city of about 1,200 people. » Read more

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Visual of a housing crash

Key to the map below:
So pretty much every marker on the map below is some sort of distress sale: owned by the banks or about to be unless the owner can get rid of them NOW. And no one does an auction unless they must sell by a certain date...

» Read more

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NEWS: Prepare for Returnees

A number of media commentators have spoken recently about ex-pats returning to NZ from OZ, UK etc.  This kind of fallout has long been foreseen and I for one expect it to offset some of the declines in the housing market.  Whether this will lead to a rejuvenation of smaller country towns such as where I live, or simply a displacement of the poorer from NZ's urban centres to such towns remains to be seen.  This will depend on how bad things really get and how desperate people are for space on the lifeboat. » Read more

Less than a month until "Internet cut off by accusation" regime comes into effect.

A copyright law change which allows for internet users to be cut off with little recourse comes into force on the 28th of February.  ISPs will be required to cut off subscribers who are accused of repeat copyright infringement, yet the accusor doesn't need to present any evidence and there is no penalty for the accusor if the accusation is false. » Read more

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Video: financial crisis presentation

While Peak oil and climate change have been a concern of ours for some time, it is my opinion that the financial crisis that now upon us eclipses both of those.

I have put together a video presentation about the financial crisis, and after watching it I think you'll agree.

Click to play



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Delhi residents race to get food and fuel as the city's pertol stations go dry.

Cheap fuel does not mean plentiful fuel. Today in Delhi, India the whole city has fun out of petrol, also they have a trucking strike. There has been a mad rush over the last few days to get the remainding fuel and also supermarket food which has been running low due to the trucking strike.

This is being driven by the Oil industry workers going on strike on wednesday. Took just 3 days to empty 413 petrol stations around the city. » Read more

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