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Michael Ruppert has posted a beautifully written piece on his blog titled THE REMAINDERS OF LONG DIVISION
2009 and the Settling of Overdue Accounts

The focus of the article is on the issue of clean coal however the main theme is about the lies that are put up to justify decisions.  Mike uses a brilliant metaphor for scooping out the guts of the American predicament and laying it all on the table.

Some of the comments are well considered also.




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Inquiry into US plastic surgeon who 'used fat from clients to run car'

US authorities are investigating a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon who claims that he used fat he removed from patients in liposuction operations to power his "green" four-wheel-drive car.

Last Updated: 8:23AM GMT 24 Dec 2008 » Read more

Alcohol as a fuel + Hydrogen booster for petrol engine

This is a short 2 min video taken at yesterdays demonstration of how to distill, and then run an engine on, alcohol. The next one (below) shows Gian describing a simple hydrogen/oxygen splitter he uses in an older Suzuki 4X4, which runs on a combination of petrol, hydrogen and oxygen. » Read more

A form of tangible support for the Atamai Village project

I have just sent in to the Tasman District Council, a submission and letter of support for The Atamai Village project which Jack and Joanna Santa Barbara from the Motueka Transition Town have been busy at work on. At a time when examples of resilient living are needed, here is a project which represents a great opportunity to the people in the Tasman District, and to all New Zealanders seeking to find ways to live in right relationship with the natural systems that sustain us.

Jacques and Joni working to complete a vegetable garden

If you read on you will find a simple step by step process that makes it easy for you to support this valuable project. It is possible that a little time spent on this will help set some precedent for the kinds of intelligent development that is needed if we are to create long term resilient communities. If the Atamai vilage project receives support and their integrated design is permitted to proceed it could help to establish a way forward for other communities wishing to design for themselves a dignified way of living in a lower energy future.

» Read more

Ed Miliband (UK Energy Minister) talks up Transition Towns

It's just 1 minute long, but indicative of how far Transition Towns have come. » Read more

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Sshhh, you'll spook the horses

Hahaha, this came out of left field a bit:

In a memo "To The Peak Oil Community," Robert Hirsch (yes, the guy who wrote the Hirsh report) recommends that the group "minimize its effort to awaken the world to the near-term dangers of world oil supply." » Read more

The world's counterfeiting schemes have been hit hard.

"It's not the economy that's been hit hard, it's the worlds counterfeiting schemes that have been hit hard." » Read more

Statement From G-20 Summit

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TT awareness raising posters. Use freely.


Two posters for awarness raising. Use freely.PDF files for printing at any size.


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The world economic situation is in a upheaval and by the looks of things it is only going to get worse.
At this time in New Zealand things are not too bad as yet, so as we used to say, ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ » Read more

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