Opotiki Coast

Welcome to Transition Town Opotiki Coast

Our purpose is to help our community transition away from dependence on fossil fuels towards a more resilient life-style that is gentler on the Earth.

We are a Charitable Trust, with the current Trustees Kazel, Lynne and Matt.

Current Initiatives:

Upcoming Opotiki Coast Events

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Kazel Cass kazel@slingshot.co.nz 09 9744388. We a facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Transition-Town-Opotiki-Coast/138008109562245

Future Initiatives


Spreading the word

Kazel has presented Jo Duff's TT slide-show (adapted for Opotiki) to our local Rotary group, Green Drinks in Rotorua and to the Kite Rapu I Te Ora Trust, and is willing to give her presentation (a bit like Al Gore, really) to anyone who will host her. Do you have connections with any local group that would like a guest speaker? Churches, clubs, Marae, Schools, Offices, Staff-rooms... All that is needed is an invitation.

Previous Meetings

Notes from our previous meetings are here.

We have been hosting home movie and muffin evenings since 2006, showing "The End of Suburbia" "China Blue" and "The Power of Community". We will continue to show and promote these DVD's. If anyone in Opotiki is interested please contact Kazel and we will gladly host a screening. Also available is a copy of "An Inconvenient Truth"

Next Step

Kay Baxter is teaching a Permaculture Design course at her garden in Whitianga Bay. If you are interested in the details of this course please contact Kay on images@koanga.org.nz

Steering committee

Kazel CassLynne DempseyMatt BedfordKazna BedfordMike Collins