SC Meetings Notes 9 Mar 2008

Attendees: Pamela, Judith, Robin, Marie, Helen, Sonia

Apologies: Karyn who will no longer attend

Reports from members:


  • talked about website changes and media release based on petrol price


  • nothing to report


  • Sustainable Living meeting - we should have a coordination of timetables and efforts, and also have awareness across each group to encourage cross pollination
  • Raised the need to do something about the REAP nights


  • Spoke to Heather Jones about getting a venue in Carterton, particularly the one behind the info centre


  • suggested a mailing list to non SC TT people


  • We need to find a school with a school hall, perhaps an enviro school. We can have a family event/film night
  • Found gulf news
  • Read us her article about Resilience - happy for critique from SC
  • discussed series of articles with "how to" steps on various topics: general tt, peak oil, water

Strategic Plan to Raise Awareness In Wairarapa

1) Website

  • url on signature
  • inventory page to be solved
  • find picture for web page
  • sort out contact details for Sonia
  • finalise move to TT Wairarapa page

2) Articles

  • Helen's article in the Crier is in
  • Pamela's article is very close to being ready to publish, will be circulated to contact list
  • Pamela will speak to Walt Dixon editor, Piers Fuller, Rebecca Burgess to get published
  • Ultimately it would be great to have a whole section in the papers
  • Robin to continue the fuel price rise article


  • Watch a video
  • should use the REAP email list
  • Use articles to advertise a film - Power of Community - Roberto Perez
  • Film night will be 14th April 7.30pm
    • Power of Community
    • needs an introduction and discussion - Pamela will facilitate
    • Helen will speak to REAP
    • needs an email to interested parties

4) Local Films

  • still exploring locations
  • Marie will follow up with Heather

5) Presentations or Stalls in conjunction with other organisations

  • Keith Locke's presentation in Greytown and has asked us for a stall on 2nd April
  • Will need flyers

Tools for raising awareness

6) Email signature / Slogan

  • need a byline -

Our town, Our future, Our choice - Transition Towns Wairarapa

7) Flyers and Posters

  • Robin to produce flyer based on other groups
  • poster later, possibly can get decent printing through terralink
  • "What do I do now?" flyer also needed

8) Mailing lists

  • we need a Wairarapa only TT mailing list
  • Robin to look into

Books and Resources

  • Helen will provide copies of Rob Hopkins book
  • 4 copies, one for Helen, one for the group library, one for Carterton Library and one for Pamela/Greytown Library
  • Use library donation to get publicity
  • Helen to circulate an overview
  • Don is bringing them down from Waiheke and Pamela can bring them back if he can't get them in time

Other business

  • We should each find our list of individual people to invite to the events
  • Who at CDC waived the consent fee for Solar?
  • Farmlands Greytown has new water tanks for under the eaves of houses, this organisation and RD1 could be a good partnership for water tank leaflets
  • Last weeks Wai news had some great letters, Pamela will bring a scrapbook, people to bring articles

Next Meeting - Saturday 29th March - 9am