MOSS is Back!

The Motueka Skills Swap (MOSS) is back. MOSS is a non-profit system developed within the community for the exchange of goods, services and skills between members without the need of New Zealand dollars.  It is for barter, only better, because you can supply the people in the system who want what you have and receive what you want from a different person in the system.

We are starting small and growing. A skills directory will be published, enabling members to advertise the skills and services they wish to offer or may require. This is available online to members, as well.

Trading and rate of payment is negotiated between individual members and is paid mainly in MO$$, although a cash component can be negotiated if the supplier so requires (to purchase required materials, for example, which may have to be purchased outside the system). A MO$$ is considered equal to a NZ$.

Transactions are recorded and an account for each member is maintained by the MO$$ committee. Payment is made by completing a Transaction Form, like a check (put into the box at the Community House for recording) or submitted online. No interest is charged or paid.

Keep your business local. Use MO$$.

For more information or to apply, contact Ron Sharp