W3 Rideshare


W3 is a Ride-share scheme that operates between Waitati and Dunedin. The scheme is essentially for commuters - but people use this scheme outside of rush-hours as well.

How it works

How it works is very simple. People that are interested in the scheme register at the local Blueskin Library, pay $2 and receive two forms of ID (an armband and a card for the car). There is a pick-up point at Waitati (entrance to Blueskin Nursery) and two pick-up places on the one-way north in Dunedin (NZBlood and the Willowbank Motor Court). If you want a lift to or from town you stand at a pick-up point with your ID and wait for another member to pass.

There is a bicycle stand behind the hedge at the entrance to the Blueskin Nursery - so people can cycle to and from their homes to the pick-up point in Waitati. The local Community Board has been really generous in their support - funding the ID, posters, and the bicycle stand.

Setting up the W3 Ride Share has been a great community effort! The community has agreed that the person getting the lift gives $2 to the driver to contribute to petrol. Very simple. I've being using this scheme (getting a lift) a lot and it really works.

W3 Time-Table of likely travel

When people filled out their Registration Forms for W3, most indicated their likely times of travel.  I've summarised this and you can view it here.

W3 Forum Discussion and Experiences

We've got a forum where participants and other users can communicate with other members, make recommendations on how the scheme should run. You can find it here.


Jackie Fanning: jackiefanning@yahoo.com