New Learning


The essence of all “learning”


In my understanding it is to fulfil our unique potential and share our unique talents to the benefit of all creation.


The cornerstones of learning


  trust: learning needs an atmosphere of trust. We can create and nourish trust through listening to each other, democratic communication, respect, openness, honesty, no pretense, no judgement.

  responsibility: deep learning involves taking on responsibility for our life (decisions, actions, self-responsibility and responsibility for others). It awakens in each of us our personal responsibility for balance within the (natural) laws of our world.

  the role of the “teachers”: the ultimate goal should be to enable the “student” to be his/her own self-teacher. A teacher can provide an information/knowledge base on which the student(s) can build up and develop their own creativity and their own potential to find solutions.

  it is a fact that all children will structure their world in order to learn


Some “tools” and definitions


  information/knowledge transfer: information has to go through the process of introspection. This means to look within, to focus on movement and observation and own life experiences: if you see an old-fashioned alarm clock look and observe how the gears are moving and how they are working together…

  diversity: diversity is the fact of life and the great teaching for all – diversity in farming, diet, play/work, thinking,… modern systems & education reward us for fitting in instead of encouraging us to discover who we are in our own lives. Therefore, our children become confused as to who they are. The consequences are well-known and visible. In all this conformity the Self is thrown away for an image and a vague social or cultural promise. In order to change this, we will have to let them develop and find their own measure, choice and self-perspective so that they can be their own self-teacher…

  measure: It is the fact of our life that will give us measure and teach us the essence of who we are. This is the primary reason for our existence.

  choice: once we truly learn that we do have choice, we can begin to free ourselves from the limitations and burden of beliefs. This is the beginning of self-teaching.

  balance: balance is born from choice – balance begins within our own minds.

  democracy of mind: An aim of new learning is to democratise our thinking in order to function in life as free and balanced individuals.

  self-perspective: those who possess a democracy of mind will realize that they are self-responsible and able to make their own decisions to the benefit of all creation.