Earth and Natural Materials Workshop

Mexican architect Jaime who is currently progressing his Ph.D. in
Architecture has much to convey from his diverse and richly resourced
homeland. A multiplicity of sustainable practice from people who have lived
close to the earth and been subject to plenty of adversity. This weaves
craft, community, shelter and beauty together with flair and gusto as
influenced by his ancestors.If you require more information or some
flexibility to the timetable to participate in this great opportunity please
contact us. Inform friends and others in our community about this workshop.


Organic Farm, Kina Penninsula, Tasman



Three Sessions: March 26-29, April 2-5 and April 9-12

Thursdays 4-8, Fridays 4-8, Saturdays 9-1 and 3-7, Sundays 9-1 and 3-7



Cob:  Oregon technique, sculptural work, bottle work

Adobe: mud bricks, curved walls, how to

Straw Clay:  fast, easy to build, and high insulating, dividing walls

Wattle & Daub: ancient weaving technique for mud walls with great results

Natural Plasters: beautiful, healthy, practical, and reliable finishes

Bamboo & Fibers:  bamboo, straw, hemp, and other fibers as a complement to earth buildings



$200. Tools provided.  Bring your lunch.



03 52 66846