Creating an Heirloom Culture

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Cheryl Lasseau
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Creating an Heirloom Culture

Here is a snippet from that I liked.  The post continues at that site.


At the Greener Gadgets Conference last Friday, a lot of great minds came together to discuss how technology can advance and we can lessen our impact on the planet at the same time. One concept kept coming up throughout the day and, as obvious as it seems, it struck a chord with me.

This major theme was that we needed to focus on creating an heirloom culture. Saul Griffith concluded his keynote with this point and the other panels throughout the day seemed to keep circling around this idea.

The concept is that any products that we manufacture from here on out should be made to last, to the point where we could hand them down to our children, and we as consumers should take care of our things and consume less. The combination would mean cutting down on waste and the need for raw materials and energy to make new things. Ideally, our current culture of constantly creating and buying new things to replace another, would instead become a culture of maintenance and repair.