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Graeme Sait & Whirimako Black - Waiheke

A Graeme Sait seminar with musical interlude by Whirimako Black

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Location / Venue: 

The Power of Community - Coromandel

An inspiring documentary on the effects of peak oil on the community of Cuba after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which subsidized a large part of Cuba's oil and energy imports. Plus: Screening of Transition Town lecture by Joe Duff from the Hawkes Bay Transition Town initiative.. Discussions after the screening of the films. Koha requested at the door.

The Power of Community - How Cuba Survived Peak Oil - Manukau

An inspiring film about the benefits of localisation - followed by Q & A Cuba, an isolated island nation, rebuilt its quality of life following the collapse of cheap oil, supplied by the former Soviet Union. This fascinating and empowering film shows how communities pulled together, created solutions, and ultimately thrived in spite of their decreased dependence on imported energy. For more information and a trailer visit http://www.powerofcommunity.org Venue: Botanical Gardens Friends Building, Hill Rd, Manurewa. Entry free. Donations/Koha appreciated.

How can you get involved

We would like to ask anyone interested, to help us to move forward the process of making Waiheke a more sustainable community. » Read more

Roberto Perez visits Waiheke

March 8th

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Transition Waiheke gets the nod

Jan 20th

Awareness raising of Transition Waiheke at the Green's "Picnic for the Planet" at Surfdale on Jan 20th. In Jeannette Fitsimmons annual state of the planet address, Jeannette announced that “Waiheke has just become the first place in New Zealand to be formally named as a transition town with active programmes to reduce the community’s dependence on oil”.

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Where it all began

Dec 3rd

The first meeting was held with possible steering group members, to focus on Transition Island Waiheke. See the Inventory of resources and initiatives, which came out of it. » Read more