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What will it take to catalyse and inspire Aotearoa NZ becominug a Transition Country? Where does Kaitiakitanga fit in?

Modern histories tell us that Aotearoa New Zealand was the last landmass to be settled by humans. Will it be the first that humans have to evacuate given the pollution to its rivers, lakes, and land ? Or will it be the first to chart a new way forward, drawing on the best of the modern world and its indigenous traditions?


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Be the Change with Active Hope


How do we survive the mess we are in and not go crazy?

What will it take to unleash sustainable and resilient Transition Communities in every corner of Aotearoa? » Read more

Location / Venue: 
EcoMatters Trust, New Lynn
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Substituting Renewables - a Scenario about Dinner

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Resilience and Sefl Reliance

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What Works

The only thing that I know for sure that works, is to stop doing what doesn't work.

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Climate Change Submission - deadline Wed 3 June 2015 5pm

Final submission from Transition Valley 473 - a Transition Town in Dunedin North. Please make a submission today and ensure the Govt. hears our message loud and clear!

Mt Victoria June meeting - Government Climate Change Proposal / 'Do the Math' film

Tuesday 2nd June at 7.30pm, at New Crossways, Roxburgh St. Government Climate Change Proposal / 'Do the Math' film. We will have copies of the Government's Climate Change proposal with a last chance to get submissions in, as they are due Wednesday 3rd June. We will also show Bill McKibben's 2013 film 'Do The Math'. McKibben founded the 350 movement and the film is 44 minutes long. All welcome.
For more information contact Frank Cook, 027 6496508

Location / Venue: 
Crossways Community Centre, 6 Roxburgh Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington

Mt Victoria May meeting - 'Sustainable living programme'

Tuesday 5th May at 7.30pm, at New Crossways, Roxburgh St. 'Sustainable living programme'. We will continue the sustainable living programme which looks at issues such as food, transport, gardening, energy, waste. This session will focus on gardening and soil and in particular view the rest of the film about soil and its critical importance to sustainable and healthy living. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Crossways Community Centre, 6 Roxburgh Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington

Solar Water Heaters - Very affordable Price - Do you want one?

My Aussie Made Solarhart gave up on me about a month ago and now after 11 years of reliable use, it needs replacing..

What I'd like to do is now band together with other like-minded people, fill a 20ft container at manufacturers cost and bring them over. It's not buying locally I know, but the technology of the heat pipe tubes is simply the best in China at the moment and not available here. » Read more

New alternative to school - The Kaitiaki Collective

Kia ora!

The Kaitiaki Collective is a new nature-based, democratic alternative to school that is rooted in indigenous & Maori knowledge and wisdom.  We believe in education for the world we want, not to keep the world as it is.

Healthy learning & healthy fun, for a healthy future!

There are eight core elements to the Kaitiaki Collective:

1. Immersion in nature

2. Immersion in community

3. Freedom to play and learn

4. Democracy

5. Ancestral knowledge & wisdom » Read more