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Transition Towns Orewa Meeting

Our fisrt meeting for the year.  We will watch a short video of Rob Hopkins speaking in California recently, and talk about what we've been up to and would llike to do over the coming year.


Location / Venue: 
Under the Whangaparaoa Hall - 7:30 to 9:30

Vege Co-op

Hi there,

I'm new to this website and wondered if anyone knows of a fruit and vege co-op (preferably organic) in Wellington that might be open to new members?



Transitioning to sustainable and regenerative food production

Enormous opportunities are opening up as we transition from an unsustainable industrial food production and distribution model, to one that regenerates the very soil and land that supports life.

Thankfully and not before time, this topic is receiving increasing amounts of attention.

A rising chorus is now coming from UN agencies on how food security, poverty, gender inequality and climate change can all be addressed by a radical transformation of our agriculture and food system.

Here in New Zealand we’re playing our part.

Food Forest Design course

The application window is still open for the first intake of the Food Forest Design course. On Feb 17th the fun begins when a small group of keen learners meet at Koanga Gardens in Hawkes Bay with James Samuel, Jon Foote and Kay Baxter, to begin the first block course of the inaugural Food Forest Design course.

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Scaling up Transition - Accelerate Aotearoa anyone?

I innocently pressed play on this video on Tuesday night and did not expect what followed. This 30 minute video is in Rob's words "his favourite talk" from the recent trip he did to the US, after breaking his vow not to travel by plane.

This is by far the most impactful, energising, inspiring video I've seen in some time. It's meaningful, thoughtful, humorous, delightful and real.

Here's the link to the thoughtful article which summarises the ideas.


Rob is suggesting five factors to help the Transition movement scale up in a way that's proportionate to the challenges of our time. They are:


  1. Create a learning network
  2. Support and resource core groups
  3. Bring forward investment for Transition enterprises
  4. Become better storytellers
  5. Build an evidence base
He explains these beautifully in his article.


Kia ora everyone,

For the most up-to-date and exciting news and information about clean and green technology and inspirational innovations happening around the world check out the CLEANTECHNICA site (often)!!! It is a great place to stay in the loop. As I read the many articles on the site, it always brings me joy, inspiration and hope in our evolution as ONE humanity living in peaceful and flourishing community together on our ONE clean green mother earth.

Tutira mai nga iwi  ;-)



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Blueskin Wind: Control vs. Ownership

Blueskin Wind: Control vs. Ownership

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Location / Venue: 
Waitati Hall

Solar Powered City

“A Possible Alternative for Powering Auckland”

Can you imagine the Hibiscus Coast powered by Solar Pan

Location / Venue: 
December 5th, 7pm, Whangaparaoa Community Hall, Downstairs Art Room

Mt Victoria November meeting - 'The Nature of Cities' DVD

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Location / Venue: 
Crossways Community Centre, 6 Roxburgh Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington
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2014 Petroleum Block Offer

Please find below the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust's submission to the Dunedin City Council on the 2014 Petroleum Block Offer (permits for Oil & Gas Exploration off the Otago Coast). The DCC put out this notice (read below the DCC message for our submission): » Read more