New Faces + Bring & Share Meal + Movie

Start: 21 Jun 2009 17:00

It has been a long time since we had a hearty get together and there are a number of new arrivals to the area who have got in touch with me over the past few months.

The first meeting we had was held in June 2008, so we have been going for a year now. A CELEBRATION is probably in order.


A mid-winter theme would be great but I don’t think we have to get too hung up on Christmas food.  This evening is for the whole family and pen t your friends too.

Movie to Follow

The Real Dirt on Farmer John

What a wonderful little film! This is much more than the old story about the American farmer's attempt to save the family farm. It is an historical document, of sorts, on the life of one Illinois man, John Peterson, his family, friends, and community. It took a little while for the film to get started for me. I had to get use to John's low-key personality, but as the film progresses, it reveals a complex, intelligent, and determined man, who's story is a unique one. Director Taggart Siegel, a friend of John's, sifted through hundreds of hours of footage, shot by himself, John, and home movies from John's own family. It is simply amazing to see such an interesting life story unfold before your eyes in less than two hours time. Compelling, educational, and deeply moving, it is a film you will hold dear to your heart.


Trailer Here


VENUE – For those who don’t know - the Elim Church is the old White Hart Hotel corner of Broadway and High Sts.

KOHA – gold coin for heating please.

BOOZE: - Please note that Elim premises are alcohol-free.

Location / Venue: MARTON ELIM CHURCH