Find 1,500 plastic juice bottles for cloches at CSA farm

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James Samuel
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This could be done with a little promotion in the papers describing the need and the procedure for letting us know when people have bottles ready for collection. A positive. self-organising compliment to the waste issue that has plagued the island recently.

Cool idea - good for slug protection

Pastic bottles are really good in the garden. As well as being good cloches they are a good first line protection against slugs. In my experience the square bottles stack better for storage during summer. Without wanting to be a bottle snob - I say no to old coke bottles! I'll talk with our garden group about ideas for starting this off.
cheers from Anne @ Pt Chev community gardens.

Bottle Cloches

Anne, I have a few saved from when I intended to use them, but they're round 1.5 litre ones. Probably the 2 litre rectangular ones are better (for stacking but also because they're bigger?) Tell me, do you have to be careful with watering them? At this time of year I don't water my seedlings except when I first put them in. But with a bottle over the top, do you need to water them?