Garden Diary of Grant Douglas 1st week of September

Hi Everyone

The rain is back - turning into a wet early spring, but at least the frosts are holding off.  Have been picking some nice caulis and broccoli this week, as have other people.  Interesting to note that these were planted in May, looked like they were doing nothing over winter, and then they came away in the spring.  Remember for next year!  

With all this rain slugs and snails will be out looking for your young seedlings.  Try a saucer full of beer, sunk to ground level - they are attracted into the beer, can't drive home and so drown.  Or else a peice of timber placed on the ground near the plants, turn it over in the morning, collect them to feed to the chooks.  

Lots of seed-sowing happening at the moment.  Most of the things you will be germinating will require warmth.  Ideally in the hot-water cupboard, covered with paper and then glass on top, but remember that lettuce requires cooler temperatures for germination so put them in the shade outside, but once again with paper and glass on top.  As the summer comes on you will need to find an even cooler spot to germinate them.  

If your spuds are up keep them covered either by hilling up soil or some straw, as I'm sure the frosts haven't completely gone.  

Carrots can be sown now when soil is ready.  I would recommend Topweight for first sowing.  Cover the seed bed area with a bit of frost cloth on the ground to protect from heavy rain, birds and low temperature.  Later sowings can be covered with shade cloth.  

Sowing or Planting this week:

Peas (this year I am growing Easy Peasy - low growing, heavy cropping)

Sugar Snap Peas

Silverbeet (Plants can go in now so that they will be ready by the time your existing plants are going off to seed)

Perpetual Spinach Brassicas - Cauli, Cabbage, Broccoli Chinese Greens (Sow direct)





Spring Onion

Red Onions

Garlic (still time to get these in)

Potatoes (If you already have some in, get a second lot sprouting)


Sow now for early outdoor planting:




Sow now for Greenhouse planting:




Plant now in Greenhouse




Still time to plant


Asparagus seed can be sown now for crowns for planting out next year.  

Happy Gardening!   Grant