Climate Change Hubs around Aotearoa/New Zealand

All of us have been funded by the Hikurangi Foundation to represent different parts of the country and engage in sustainable eco initiatives, with a common vision incorporating four key concepts: Aotearoa-ness, Active Citizenry, Integration of Environment, and 'bowl singing' structures and systems (developing harmonics). We really want to make things happen.

Here are the links:

Ecomatters Trust

The Intersect Network

350 Aotearoa

Nelson Environment Centre

Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust


This is not, of course, an exclusive list of groups or sites of action in Aotearoa/New Zealand - only those who are working together thanks to Hikurangi support. The idea is to grow stronger, more effective, and develop along with others into a strong flexible movement, creating a green economy and a green and resilient society.