Grant's Garden Diary - 4th week of September

Hi Everyone,


Beautiful day today, but there is still a bite to the wind.  Frosts forecast for tonight so you'd better get out with your torch and cover your spuds, zucchinis and anything else that might get nipped.


Were you working in your garden today?  Did anybody see you?  If so you may have been in trouble in the past.  From Nelson Evening Mail, 6 Dec 1909:


GARDENING ON SUNDAY - FOUR CHINAMEN FINED:  Loo Sow, Ngan Git, Ip Sung and I Yung pleaded not guilty to working in their garden in the Maitai on Sunday, November 28th, in view of a public place.  Bob Coy acted as interpreter.  Constable Fitzsimmons and one of the defendants having given evidence, each defendant was fined 2s with 7s costs.


Saw a few white butterflies this week.  Because there were only a couple, I managed to use digital control, ie thumb and forefinger.  I'll talk about the use of Bacillus as a form of control when numbers build up later, in a future issue.


If you are thinking of protecting your garden from such things as Butterfly, Birds and other critters, do not use shade-cloth as this will restrict the light too much and you will not get optimum vegetables.  Very few veges grow well under lower light so either use bird-netting or a mesh cover.  I am actually going to try using a fine mesh cover this year over my carrots as we have a problem with carrot fly.  Hopefully it will work.


There seems to be some confusion about Capsicum colours.  You may already know this but, for those who don't, all Bell Capsicums start off green (although I have seen some purple Capsicums start off black) and then ripen to their various colours, depending on variety.  As you would expect, Green Peppers taste quite different (bitter) compared with a ripe Pepper (sweet).  If you would like to have some of each I would recommend that you designate certain plants that are picked green, and others that are allowed to ripen.


You could now start sowing Beans (Runner, Dwarf and Scarlet) and Sweet Corn in punnets ready for planting out in a few weeks to give you a head start.   Careful not to over-water them before they germinate, as they rot very easily.  Transplanting is quite successful, despite what the "expert" on Campbell Live said a few nights ago. 


Sowing or Planting this week:

Brassicas - Cauli, Cabbage, Broccoli, Broccoflower

Garlic (still time to get these in)



Peas (this year I am growing Easy Peasy - low growing, heavy cropping)

Perpetual Spinach

Potatoes (If you already have some in, get a second lot sprouting)

Red Onions

Silverbeet (Plants can go in now so that they will be ready by the time your existing plants are going off to seed)

Spring Onion

Sugar Snap Peas

Zucchini (for warm areas, with extra protection)


Sow Direct:


Chinese Greens



Mescalun Mix




Sow now for early outdoor planting:


Beans (Green Dwarf, Runner, Scarlet, NOT BUTTER)






Sow now for Greenhouse planting:





Plant now in Greenhouse







Still time to plant Strawberries.


Happy Gardening!   Grant