How the Genuine Progress Indicator can help avoid future crises.

How a Canadian Genuine Progress Index (GPI)

warned of the current economic crisis and

a New Zealand GPI could save us from future crises


Dr. Colman, Executive Director of GPI Atlantic and international authority on the Genuine Progress Index, will conduct two forums (plus a NZ panel) – speaking on how the GPI (Genuine Progress Indicator) can be used as an early warning system for impending crisis – and provide a more accurate analysis and creative solutions - for New Zealand to become more resilient to approaching crisis. 

As George Monbiot has observed:  “Climate breakdown, peak oil and resource depletion will all dwarf the current financial crisis, in both financial and humanitarian terms”.  This forum is for all those who genuinely care for the stability and security of our children.  

Anew New Zealand invites you to join RON COLMAN, GPI Atlantic executive director, and a panel of local experts to examine the development of a New Zealand Genuine Progress Index to address the real challenges facing us.

Auckland University Friday 25th, 6-8:30 PM Ak Uni 10 Symonds St

Wages $20, student and unwages $5

See for more info and registration

Location / Venue: 
Univeristy of Auckland, 10 Symonds St., Human Science (SB1);