Light Earth Building and Appropriate Technologies

Light Earth Building and Appropriate Technologies

Friday 2nd – Monday 5th April 2010
12 noon Friday  -  12noon Monday
Location: Koanga Institute, Torere.
Tutors: Bob Corker,and Max van Ginkel   $460 (includes food and accomodation)

An intensive long weekend (32hrs including evenings) covering our research and experience, over many years, into bringing forward a wide range of techniques suited to low cost,low energy sustainable living.  We particularly focus on techniques that are suited to NZ conditions, and can be mostly sourced from local and easily obtainable materials. With each technique we will cover the theory in detail, legal issues, designs and the  practical hands on skills required  to build your own.  You will get to see working examples of all these techniques and get comprehensive notes and design to take home , as well as ongoing  support in your endeavours after the workshop.  We will be using these techniques for building an ‘autonomous’ house that will support our family off the grid and without the ongoing support of the present globalised industrial system.  The workshops are particularly suited to others wishing to do something similar
Nights will include DVD’s,  discussions, music (bring instruments) and feasting on local delicacies.

The workshop will cover :-
•    Light earth composite sandwhich core panel construction using (amongst other things) pine needles, clay, paper mache and wood strips.
•    Annualised Geo-Solar  (AGS) heat storage in NZ conditions using eco-friendly materials
•    Solar/wood fueled heating for space heating/hot water/food drying/cooking/cooling and AGS
•    Use of rocket stoves (clean burning and efficient) for multiple uses (as above) including how we can use them for long burning application applications
•    Charcoal production and traditional asian charcoal burners
•    Low cost DIY  composting and biogas toilets and wastewater recycling systems
•    DYI high quality water filters
•    Hand powered washing machines
•    Common grinding/food preparation machines/facilities for self sufficiency
•    Our progress in developing Community Land Trusts as a working model for sustainable community development in NZ
•    Our meals will be a comprehensive model of working with the principles of the Weston A Price Foundation, (, and will be a life changing experience in them selves.

Accomodation will be in shared tents (please bring one if you can). We have a lovely site surrounded by gardens , with a beach only 10 minutes walk away.
Feel welcome to phone Bob on 07 3155363 if you want to discuss the content further.

To book your place, a 50% deposit is required two weeks before workshop starts.

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Location / Venue: 
Torere, east cape