Update on 'Kiwis for 350' petition

Hi all

We now have about 1,000 signed hard copies of the petition from Dunedin area alone, and Nick Smith still may receive it - if not, we have other MPs who will.

This petition is all about setting a meaningful goal, and then working together to reach it. So it's about setting the direction and the principles (using science and partnership), not the actual methods which will be many, varied and highly creative!

The deadline is still December the 2nd - we do want to keep the focus on Copenhagen so will present the petition on the 7th of December. So please - download, print out, sign, share around!

I think you will find, like me, that people are getting much more aware of the reality of climate change, and are getting disillusioned with a confusing  divide and rule approach.

Also requested that Chalmers Community Board set the 350 ppm CO2e target as policy - and as part of our transitions towns approach.

Look forward to getting heaps more petitions  - address on petition. Go to www.350.org.nz or www.caritas.org.nz





Petition FINAL.pdf19.94 KB

Kiwis for 350 petition FINAL WEEKEND

Sorry to shout - but want the whole country to hear. We really need people in every market (not just our Dunedin one marvellous though it is) and street corner etc getting petitions this weekend. If a slowish quietish start can get us 1,000 confirmed signatures in Dunedin alone, a big obvious push can really make the politicians (and media)take notice.

So please grab a clipboard, petition, and friend/s and go stand somewhere obvious and help wherever and whenever you can.

Many thanks in advance