Oppertunity for a couple to live on a permaculture property in Wellington

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We have somehow managed to purchase a 2 acre property at the begining of the Akatarawa road in Upper Hutt.

The property, while allready provides some produce is to be transformed into a permaculture example property and eventually an education center for the hutt valley.

The oppertunity that stands is that there is a second dwelling on the property, a 2 bedroom flat. It has its own wood burner and is tidy and we are willing to ecofy it as the property develops.

We are asking if there are any couples, or singles or whoever who would like to live on a permiculture property and have the oppertunity to live of the land as self sufficently as you like. We would hope too that you would like to be part of the development of the property and the oppertunity to undertake permiculture qualifications through this exists.

Its a bueatiful quiet spot with its own private swimming hole, endless bush walking and mountain biking ect and a bike ride to the train or bus into Wellington City. Lots of other "land based" enterprises in the area make for a great community.

You will have to pay rent. Sorry about that, but you can expect other costs to be low as we can split power and internet and you will get to grow your own food and share in the fruit and eggs and what ever else you want to grow.

We will move onto the property in January and will persue the occupation of the second dwelling soon after.

If you are intersted, call me on 04 5769596

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you d*** idiot! Why are we

you d*** idiot! Why are we trying to do the same thing in two different locations? How hard would it have been to at least pursue the possibility of cooperating, to bring your family to visit, etc? Anyway, the place looks great--good luck with your recruitment; the word did get around with ours through online spaces though nothing came of it (yet); we've lost one adjacent property but keep hanging on with hope for the second. Best wishes.