What does Wellington wish for in 2010?

Transition Town Brooklyn along with several other Wellingtonian TT movements hosted a stall at the annual Green Party Picnic for the Planet event on Sunday 24th January 2010.

We asked people to add their wishes for 2010 for the environment and/or their local community to our 'Wishing Line'. And here they are.....!

"I wish everyone would think peace and do peace"

"Every bit helps! No action for a good is too small"

"I wish everyone would do something, no matter how small or large"

"I wish the NZ government would start including ecological indicators in our national accounts!"

"I wish...we would start looking after this planet for my children's sake and my children's children"


"That everyone will love. Love is healing, we all need love"

"That everyone will become vegan"

"More local community gardens"

"To live in a car-free city"

"I wish all power to the good people with so many great ideas. For the human progress of each and everyone of us!"

"I wish Innermost Garden (Newtown) (for ethnic and migrant women and families) had a NEW wheelbarrow (with removable tyre!)"

"Peace, love and happiness"


"I wish for better weather in Wellington so cycling is easier and less dangerous"

"Community Housing scheme with gardens, vibrant shopping centre, car share, buses every ten minutes"

"That our dearest government will realise that there is more to the economy than coal and cow burps!! (Hands off Kahurangi)

"A sensible transport policy"

"That 50% of my neighbours got rid of their cars, that'd be a good START"

"Light rail in Welly"

"I wish for Celia as mayor!"

"More community gardens for growing your own veggies"

"We need Celia-Wade Brown for Mayor of Wellington"

"The world to rely solely on renewable energy sources"

"A community that grows half its own food, recycles its organic waste and generates its own power"

"Free public transport"

"I wish for a bag-free Brooklyn"