Would you like to be in HOME NZ Magazine?

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Andy Kenworthy
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Would you like to be in HOME NZ Magazine?

Hi folks,

Among other things I am the editor of the GreenHome section of HOME NZ magazine.

We are looking to feature people who are growing seasonal food and their favourite recipes for using their produce.

This would involve us getting a photograph of yourself, a shot of the dish, and a brief interview. Because we work a couple of months in advance, we are happy to cover the cost of buying any ingredients which you can't harvest right now.

The recipes don't have to be super flash, we are looking for tasty fayre you can throw together on a weekday.

The first season is April/May - pumpkin season, but what have you got?

If you would like to take part, contact me here, on Oooby, or on info@andykenworthy.com