Future Direction of Transition Towns Kapiti.

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How do you want to make a difference in your community?

How are you willing to act to make a better world for you, your family and those around you?

What inspires you to make positive changes?


Transition Towns Kapiti is a community of people wanting to ensure a resilient future by making a difference now.

By building local resilience, we will be able to collectively respond to whatever the future may bring in a calm, positive and creative way. And by remembering how to live within our local means, we can rediscover the spirit of community and a feeling of power, belonging and sharing in a world that is vibrant, just and truly sustainable.

We invite you to be a part of a positive future, one with:

more community spirit
less excess consumption
more local & healthy food
less fossil energy dependence
more care for natural resources
less loss & extinction of biodiversity
more responsible living on our planet
less vulnerable to global political & economic instability
more prepared for civil defense emergencies


We want you to help shape TTK in 2010. Here's how!

  • Think about how you would like to see TTK grow this year
  • What can you contribute to help us get there?
  • Come and share your ideas at a public meeting:


Monday 1 March
Paraparaumu Community Centre (next to library off Rimu road)


Some background

What is a Transition Town?
A Transition Town is a town building resilience to the challenges, and opportunities, of Peak Oil and Climate Change. From Transition Initiatives UK.

What have other TTs done/doing?
See Transition Towns NZ.

What has TTK done so far?
Some of the things TTK we have been involved with so far are:

  • Showing documentary films once a month for the last 2 years.
  • A gardening club.
  • Creating a local produce directory as part of the 100 mile diet.
  • Have had stalls at a number of festivals in the area.
  • Created a draft Transition Manual for the Kapiti Coast. See this post.
  • Built a website (you're on it).
  • Partnered with KCDC in distributing eco bulbs to every household in Kapiti.
  • A team is working on creating a Food Forest.
  • Hold a Monthly Seed Swap meeting – Seedy Sundays.

What are some of the opportunities TTK can look into?

  • Local food
  • Reskilling / Community education
  • Alternative currencies and community finance
  • Civil defence / Emergency response
  • Building community
  • Sustainabilty
  • Alternative technologies
  • Community aid
  • Permaculture
  • Crafts
  • Support networks
  • ...and so on and so on and so on