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We have following active sub-groups up and running: The Old Homestead Community Garden with the Dignan Street Community Garden Hub, and the Bulk Purchasing Group. Then there is our Resource Pool for community members who would like to borrow mulchers, hoes, juicers etc. We also have set up recycling for soft plastics at Pt Chevalier Primary School, Te Ra Rd - to avoid this going into landfill - please read more here.

For more detailed information please see the minutes from our monthly gatherings below. Archived versions from the previous years are available here: 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017.

Transition Towns Point Chevalier is looking forward to starting our monthly meetings for 2018. We are continuing to alternate between the 2nd Tuesday of the month and the 2nd Wednesday of the month. We realise this can get confusing so here are the first 6 months with venue details so you can put them in your diary. Everyone is welcome.

Transition Point Chevalier - Mission Statement

TPC House Rules


Upcoming Events


The monthly meetings are being held alternating at 7:30pm between various people's private homes or the Community Centre at 18 Huia Road. Following are the dates for 2018:

Feb 13th Tue 19:30-21:00, 16 Newell Street, Point Chevalier.

Mar 14th Wed 18:30-19:30, Kai Tahi / shared meal, 19:30-21:00 meeting, 18 Huia Rd, Point Chevalier Community Centre.

Apr 10th Tue 19:30-21:00, 69 Dignan Street, 'Own only what you can manage: Exploring ways to simplify and care for what we call 'ours'.

May 09th Wed 18:30-19:30, Kai Tahi / shared meal, 19:30-21:00 meeting, 18 Huia Rd, Point Chevalier Community Centre.

Jun 12th Tue 19:30-21:00, 58 Dignan Street, Point Chevalier.

Jul 11th Wed 18:30-19:30, Kai Tahi / shared meal, 19:30-21:00 meeting, 18 Huia Rd, Point Chevalier Community Centre.

Aug 14th Tue 19:30-21:00, private home, tba.

Sep 12th Wed 18:30-19:30, Kai Tahi / shared meal, 19:30-21:00 meeting, 18 Huia Rd, Point Chevalier Community Centre.

Oct 09th Tue 19:30-21:00, private home, tba.

Nov 14th Wed 18:30-19:30, Kai Tahi / shared meal, 19:30-21:00 meeting, 18 Huia Rd, Point Chevalier Community Centre.

Agenda items so far include hearing the latest news about the imminent removal of pohutukawa trees on Pt Chev Rd, and Bike Auckland's initiatives to improve cycling for kids going to the local schools.

For past minutes please scroll down to the bottom of this page or the annual pages above - hope to see you there!

Xmas Gathering 2017Friday 15th December 6.30-9pm at the beach (Edith St end) (high tide for swimmers) unless it’s very windy when we’ll move it to the community garden. BYO shared picnic dinner.

SWAP5 – a great afternoon of browsing tables full of preloved things from toys, clothes, tools, plants, produce, art & crafts, kitchenware, working&safe appliances etc. Koha is (up to) 5 items/things you want to see loved and used by someone else because they still have so much life in them but are redundant for you. Equally, you are encouraged to take (up to) 5 items home.

Apart from a community arvo out, our “Mission Possible” has already achieved heaps if many participants finds at least one or two desired things. That’s a lot of stuff reused and repurposed and no money nor energy needed to produce them. All leftover items will be donated to the Hospice shop. Please bring no more than 1 book pp.

Christmas Party 2017

Dates proposed to be 15th December in the Dignan St garden from 6pm. Bex to light pizza oven from 4.30pm and make pizza dough. BYO toppings (esp tom sauce and cheese) RSVP by 8th Dec. Guido to send out invite to TPC list. People encouraged to bring guitars for a sing along. Optional bring one lucky dip prezzie, must be something you already owned, or grown or made.


Sub-Group Activities and Statements of Purpose

Working sessions are held at the Dignan Street Community Garden on Wednesdays 9-11.30ish, Thursdays 4:30-6pm (during Daylight Savings months October to April) & the second Sunday of the month between 2 and 5pm. Extra working bees are announced via the Facebook page & the e-mail group. For more information please contact Ally (phone 846 3853).

BULK PURCHASING GROUP - "The purpose of the purchasing group is to put in place structures that provide access to food and other products consistent with the overall aims of Transition Pt Chevalier. To do this, we wish to create a purchasing community, in which we develop relationships with producers and suppliers and also strengthen our relationships with each other. Producers, suppliers and products will be chosen by the extent to which they met the following purchasing principles (note, these are not in order of importance and are not all relevant to all products): organic, local, fair trade, low packaging, as few steps as possible to the grower or manufacturer, cheaper than retail, high quality." Contact Niki for further details.

LIBRARY GROUP (hibernating) - "To get books and mixed-media in the public library and have associated displays and other events that will inform and raise awareness of issues relevant to Transition Point Chevalier"

GARDENING GROUP - "To enable and encourage the expansion and efficiency of urban sustainable gardens and food production." Monthly visits to member’s properties provide insights, understanding and experience of a wealth of gardening options that are out there.


Past Events

Please see annual archived versions - links above under "Welcome".


Monthly Meetings Minutes

In case we are taking minutes please see the links below.

Notes from the monthly meeting on February 13th, 2018



To contact Transition Town Point Chevalier, please email.

Communications people for 2017/2018 are: Guido.