Introduction to Transition Waiheke

Transition Waiheke is part of the Transition Towns movement: a grass roots approach to making our communities more self-reliant in the face of peak oil and climate change. Now we are seeing connections between these and the current adjustments in the global financial system. Imagine engagement across all sectors of the Waiheke community - in addressing the greatest transition of our time: from oil dependency to a low energy future. Transition Waiheke is held gently by a Core Team, but it is not that team. It is all of us who live here and who see what a magnificent piece of Mother earth we are blessed to live on. It is for all who see the need to actively nurture and defend her.

By working with each other, we can support each other, empower ourselves and get things done. We can seek local solutions. We can experiment and try out new sustainable approaches... local food, local energy, local industry. We won't always know the answers but together we have the energy and innovation to create them.

Where to from here...

The Waiheke communit has a magnificent pair of voices in our two local papers, The Gulf News and The Marketplace, so keep an eye open for current events and news of new activities around the island. There's plenty to do, and lots of fun to be had doing it.

Below this you will find a scrolling list of events, articles and news about Waiheke, and the transition work being done by so many passionate people. Please post yours and add to the diversity. You can also read more Waiheke news which doesn't appear on this page, but which is posted with the Waiheke Tag.