Advanced Soil Biology and Microorganism Workshop!

Advanced Soil Biology and Microorganism Technology Workshop!!! Discover the microorganism technologies in compost tea and mulching.  Learn the benefits of a healthy soil food-web and how to create one in your garden.

Jim O'Gorman, the founder of Dirt Doctor started his project in Kakanui on the South Island, where 15 years ago he intentionally purchased the worst, most maltreated piece of dirt he could find.  The ground was a hard-pan, supporting only the heartiest California Thistle, and the previous farmers had walked off of the site claiming it unfit for production.  Using only hand-tools, and primarily materials he could gather from within walking distance, he successfully converted the hard-pan into extremely rich and productive farmland in just a few seasons.  He now feeds nearly 70 families from his small plot, and is working with Otago University to get Agent Orange out of Cambodian soils.   His methodology is simple, easy to learn, non-labor intensive and extremely effective. It seems like stuff that everybody should know which is why we got involved! If you'd like to learn, please join us!

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Location / Venue: 
Mt. Victoria, Wellington