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Written by Pete Russell. This is a summary of considerable dialogue on the matter of where our food comes from...


Local organic food is the holy grail for most of us oooobsters, right?

Nothing beats an organic, nutrient dense beet grown in your very own backyard. But what if you can't grow everything you eat? How do you decide which is the next best?

In developing the long awaited Ooooby Box (all will be revealed in the next couple of weeks, I promise) we have been asking ourselves that very question.

How do we identify the best food that there is when we can't get it all from our very own gardens?

So we devised this little chart. It is a way to plot food in terms of its locality as well as its naturalness. In this case, the very tip of the top left corner represents the uber ooooby food. For example, a carrot grown in your own kitchen garden with certified biodynamic methods, absolutely free of any artificial contaminants, would be the ultimate choice.

"Why is biodynamic better than organic?" I can hear some of you saying. And "Why is GM the worst?" Good questions.

Luckily we're not saying that. Actually this blog is more about asking than telling.

I have personally plucked these metrics from the top of my head based on my own preferences, but I am more interested in finding out what you think would be the most accurate and relevant set of metrics for this chart.

What do you think? How would you label the increments along the x and y axis to identify your most preferred food?



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