Creating the world's first 100% sustainable global infrastructure for the provision of food, energy and transportation

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There's nothing like my heart stopping for 10 minutes while having my forehead sutured following a car accident to get me to think about the future of our children's children's children's ... children! Global populations quadrupled in the last century with the burning of coal and oil; what will happen as those resources dwindle to nothing, and global climates change as we burn them?

There is clearly the need for brand new paradigms, and my experience and proposals are designed to provide all that we have, and all that we will need...forever! If the components of our genes have always existed, in different combinations and recombinations ever since life first began here, shouldn't we protect the future for those same components, starting right now? Consider that the 2011 years back to the Year Zero are only 20 times the 5 generations, of 20 years each, that we will meet in our own families, and that the 2000 years forward to the Year 4000 are only the same multiple away.

What will our children's children's children's ... children do then if we run out petroleum in the next 20 years, coal in the next 150 years, and cause runaway global climate change starting 40 years ago? The extraordinary circumstances of a 10 minute cardiac arrest provoked some extraordinary ideas/designs in me. We will require some extraordinarily brilliant ideas to maintain the lives of this planet's 7 billion citizens. Can you join me, and contribute even more brilliant projects so that all of tomorrow's children will have the opportunity to live at least as well as we have?

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