Hamilton Garden Share?

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Hamilton Garden Share?


Anyone in Hamilton (preferraly near Anglesea Street Court House end, all Hamilto locations considered) have a large backyard to share for vege growing purposes?




Russell Vant
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Hamilton Garden Share, and Beyond

What a great idea! I sincerely hope you find someone in your neighbourhood with a like mind and space to share. I am not, unfortunately, in that area, but I do have a success story you may be interested in:
I have recently refriended an elderly woman in my immediate neighbourhood (Hillcrest/University) who is no longer in a fit physical condition to tend her own expansive vegetable garden. It has become woefully neglected and overgrown. Although my family home has a bountiful vegetable garden (which I shall expand significantly in the coming weeks and months) I have offered to bring this elderly woman's vegetable garden back to life, and to tend it for our mutual nutritional and social benefit and for the benefit of the local community (surplus produce being distributed in some manner or other). I am also hoping that this vegetable garden, being as it is clearly visible from one of the main entrances to the University, will ignite the dormant gardening passion of other University students, and may act as a catalyst for the introduction of fruit trees and student vegetable gardening allotments and communal gardens onto the campus grounds.

It strikes me that the grounds around the Court Houses could readily be modified into terraced vegetable gardening allotments for the productive utilisation of folk like yourself. As they sit at present those sweeping hills of grass strike me as a woefully under-utilised resource. This city has so much potential.


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