Community Solutons for Today - Public Talk PAEKAKARIKI

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Laurence Boomert with his powerpoint presentation will show how we can revitalise, reconnect & make resilient our communities using the best social & economic models available. Brings forward the news of the revolution that is happening across the world and New Zealand, of people creating the future they want ... in the neighbourhoods they live in.

Come find out how we can:
Ø  use cooperatives & community currencies
Ø  create employment by answering social needs
Ø  strengthen and future-proof our local businesses
Ø  create healthier, happier homes and neighbourhoods
Ø  prepare and make our communities resilient for harder times

Brought to you by Transition Towns Kapiti & Kapit Timebank

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Laurence has a long history in contingency planning, green business development and community up solutions. He runs the Bank of Real Solutions, an online database of community can-do success stories. He was a co publisher and writer for the book "Fleeing Vesuvius: Responding to the effects of economic and environmental collapse" published in 2011 by Living Economies with whom he is a board member.

Location / Venue: 
St Peter's Hall, Paekakariki