Food storage/mylar bags help

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Leonie Reynolds
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Food storage/mylar bags help


I'd like to get some longterm food storage sorted out using mylar bags, etc, but I'm not sure how to do it. Is there anyone in Wellington (or elsewhere) that would be able to advise me on that? Thanks.

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Food storage/mylar bags

(1) The most detailed and most reliable information on food storage is available from the Mormon church (LDS). It has for many years been one of their practices for every family to store food in case of need, so they have a lot of practical experience in calculating how much to store, how best to do it, and how to rotate and use stored food. See their "provident living" websites - their New Zealand one is They also have video seminars on this on YouTube - go to YouTube and search for "Wendy DeWitt" to get started. No doubt members of that church in Wellington would also be happy to give you some personal pointers. (2) A New Zealand site to note for food storage generally, is They offer prepacked long-term foods, and an interesting blog. Hope that helps. PS - There is a lot on information on food storage on the web and YouTube when searching "prepper" or "survivalism"; but while some of it is very good, some of it is also wacky or just plain dangerous (as in: some of the methods some of them recommend will result in food spoilage and toxicity!). I'd stick with the Mormon church sites for reliable information about DIY food storage.

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