Youth Delegation to UN Climate Change Conference

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Youth Delegation to UN Climate Change Conference

Hi all,

Last year I was lucky enough to be selected as part of the NZ Youth Delegation to the UN Climate Change Conference in Doha to represent the voices of kiwi youth on climate change issues. This was not just about policy, but also the social and human sides of climate change issues. It is an amazing chance to meet negotiators, NGO's and inspiring youth from around the world and create strategic plans for addressing climate change issues.

If you know of any 18-30y/o's who would be interested please pass on the Application Pack and they can check out our Facebook page too for more info (website currently under maintenance).




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nice to see youngsters getting involved

Action is what is required not just talk. Talk is pretty cheap and although we need talk we need action more.
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Climate Change

It's good to see people get involved, But before you start making plans you need to understand your subject.
With global events this is not easy as there is so much politicking going on, too many vested interests, and secret deals done in the back ground.

International leaders are not really interested in this subject because they know that climate change is part of the galactic cycle and they have already made their plans, built their own survival shelters and stocked them well. they don't care about anyone else.

The TRUTH is that the Earth is being RE-aligned to the sun by galactic forces, the ice caps are melting as they move closer to the sun.
This will cause climate changes and NOBODY really knows how bad it will get.
They expect the oceans will rise 20 metres or so, that means large areas will be flooded. But as for droughts and flooding from rain storms nobody really knows.

The worst will be the forming of the new ice caps when the Earth finishes it's movement and the new areas which are now further from the sun start to freeze.

But who knows where that will be, some say over Europe and North America which is why those areas have been deserted by the capitalists who are madly building their new world head quarters in Asia and Africa RIGHT NOW!

China has become the new Wild West of the new world!

Those who have the inside knowledge are in there now grabbing all they can.

If you did not know this before you do now, so you can make meaningful plans for your own survival.

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Dear WD maybe another fourm would work better

Dear WD - my understanding is that this TT forum is for people sincerely interested in very practical strategies for meeting the likely unfolding of trends based on accepted science. There are plenty of other forums that entertain more belief based extrapolations possible u would find more satisfaction there.
I am impressed that u have inside knowledge of the movements of the elite capitalists and where they are moving their families to although I am surprised that u suggest Africa and Asia - but hey if u have inside knowledge who am I to question it - just don't find postings about it useful here.

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