Dave Clendon on Local Economies being important for closing the income gap and creating a more equal society.

Thursday March 13th, 7:00 - 9:30pm

“Local Economies Close the Income Gap and Everyone Wins.”

David Clendon speaking on - "The Spirit Level", Local Economies and Better Communities.

"The Spirit Level", by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, presents evidence that more equal societies do better than less equal ones on many social measures; educational performance, heath and life expectancy, for example.  Transition Towns supports the development of local economies, which are intrinsically more equal, with a mix of personal self-reliance and healthy interdependence.

We are very pleased to have David Clendon (Green Party MP) speak to us this month.  Dave has been promoting the Green's "Closing the Gaps" policy, and will be speaking about locally focused economic pathways. Solutions that make small businesses more sustainable, give opportunities to those on low incomes, and can help remedy New Zealand's poor performance on many social measures.

Bring questions/ideas for discussion. Bring friends who share the same concerns for living sustainably. Supper after.

Koha for Guest Speaker- home produce ???



Location / Venue: 
The Art Room, Whangaparaoa Hall, Whangaparaoa