Ooooby is Crowdfunding

Ooooby’s mission is to make local food convenient, affordable and fair everywhere. To do this it has developed a lean-efficient distribution model, that can scale by being replicated to serve the local food needs of any modest sized population. This social enterprise aligns well with the Transition Towns philosophy of moving from oil dependence to local resilience, and is a commons based business, which means that suppliers, customers and crew all share in its success.

Backed by Pete Russell’s unstoppable entrepreneurial drive, Ooooby has come a long way since the initial conversations on Waiheke, seven years ago.

We now have a lean and replicable system that has been tried and tested in four locations: Auckland, Sydney, Waikato and Fresno (Southern California). Ooooby is looking to build the team and improve operational infrastructure that can support the opening of Ooooby hubs - eight new hubs around New Zealand over the coming 18 months.

Crowdfunding has been chosen as our capital raising method, because it perfectly aligns with the philosophy of food for the people, by the people, allowing its customers, growers and crew to each have a slice of the pie.


Want to learn more about the investment opportunity?

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Here's a short video, that tells some of the story.