Local Currency

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Local Currency

Is now the time to initaiate change?

Shall we implement a seperate form of trading to get the ball rolling?


Here is what has been thought of;

Identifying underutilised land

Transitioning it towards organics/permaculture/biodynamics

Growing copius amounts of fresh, local, healthy, rich, strong, organic, nourishing, powerful food

As hippocrates put it, let food be thy medicine


A seperate form of currency will be established, a return to bartering...

Farm workers can be paid in this currency, as a regocnician of their work

Hopefully produce can be provided to local organic retailers, and they will accept the new currency. Otherwise retailspaces will be established.

They can purchase more produce by returning the currency, and any above profits (through conventianal cash sales) can be put into a fund for purchases, and perhaps paying rents/bills of workers.

Build untill a self perpetuating system is iniatied

Hopefully the seperate currency will be accepted by healers of different modalities, and by most believers of the alternative system.

If a basis of foundation is required for the currency, the land, earth and bounty will be this basis.


A way to feed the new money into the system is through improving the health and wellness of low socio-economic groups, who are not supported by the current system.



Jobs for the people

Freedom to the people

Health, wellness and vitality to the people


A fair price to all, so they are free to achieve their lifepurpose without the need of a 40hr work week.

By reduction to cost of living and immediatly through fair food prices


Love, abundance, freedom, unity


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Alternative forms of economy

Alternative forms of economy include time share, green dollar, savings pools

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