Mt Victoria August meeting - 'Who Killed the Electric Car' film

Tuesday 9th August at 7.30pm, at New Crossways, Roxburgh St. ' Who Killed the Electric Car' film. See below of a description the three linked meetings in July, August and September 2016.  All welcome. For more information contact Frank Cook, 027 6496508
The next three meetings explore a theme involving multi-nationals and their pursuit of their own agendas with the associated disregard for both the environment and ethical behaviour. The films cover the food and diet industry, electric vehicles, and the clothing industry.

The first, Hungry for Change, is on Tuesday 12 July, 7:30 at New Crossways, Roxburgh St. It does have its own agenda but I think that will be quite clear . It is a film from the FoodMatters group about diets and the food manufacturing industry and is quite long - 90min.

The second, Who Killed the Electric Car recently showed at Cuba Lighthouse and in attendance was one of the women who were deeply involved at the time. She did say, when asked has anything changed (it was made in 2006), that yes and no, and I think the no related to ruthlessness with which the multinationals pursue their own agendas. That will be on 9th August and is an excellent film.
The third, The True Cost, is on the clothing industry and will show on 20th September. I hope to have someone there to update us on practices in the clothing industry.

Finally the September meeting will likely be the last in the Roxburgh St venue as the Trust works to find different venues for the various groups.

Location / Venue: 
Crossways Community Centre, 6 Roxburgh Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington