TTPC September 2017 minutes


Niki, Ellen, Walter, Jenny, Heidi, Guido, Deryn, Yolanda, Bex



Design Pt Chev:

Heidi’s doing an urban permaculture course and she’s doing a project design for community, using software, QGIS open source software, with downloaded council files.

Using 12 permaculture principals and design elements, Eg rain-gardens, composting etc. Useful to other communities to use.

Design plans:

Parks and surrounding areas within a 4 minutes, showing how to extend the area by providing alley ways.

Storm water and waste water networks showing what properties storm water goes into waste water. It’s a issue when the higher density housing so this can show how to better direct properties storm water.

Impermiable areas shown.

Place making of town center project, local board initiated

Finn facilitating the project and he’s keen to bring Heidi’s design plans into the discussion.

If anyone has any feedback about the town center let Heidi know. Jenny suggested coming to Te Atatu who have recently redeveloped and done a great job, people use it all the time.

They are looking into air quality- 16, 000 cars a day. There has been some recording air quality at points around Unitec.

Cycle path update

Awaiting the final design.

AT said they’ll be working with TTPC as a key group but haven’t done any consulting. TTPC submitted that they can’t support the proposal as it removes 12 Pohutukawa trees.

TTPC submission gave alternative options

Route not going down point Chev Rd. 

Take away median strips you could save the trees.

Suggested closing Meola as a through rd just allow buses and emergency vehicals, car access from both ends to sports fields but not through.

They won’t budge on route as they’d done submission process on that.

Tactical urbanism trying stuff out for a period.

Heidi has been talking with Benjamin Lee from local board about information to retailers about customers needs.  Walkablity between shops is more important than parking outside a specific shop. This information should have been distributed to shop owners prior to the submissions about the cycle paths.

Repair Café

Ellen gauging interest in joining forces with Grey Lynn 2030 group, at Western springs community hall. Not doing fliers as 50% of people to the Hub repair cafe because they saw it central leader and a lot from facebook. So important to get it into the Central leader prior to the event.

We’d need people to organize the food and drinks and offer their repairing skills.

The group was fine with combining with Grey Lynn and people offered to contribute on the day but no one was willing to organize, the first one in February. Ellen will go back to organisers to see if that arrangement is ok with them.

Other upcoming repair cafes:

Chinese specific repair café 7th October at Grey Lynn.


Gribblehurst 8th October


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