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The Waitati Edible Gardeners group (nicknamed "the WEGgies") are a group dedicated to addressing the challenges of post peak oil and climate change, by strengthening our community in the immediate future through food production, with emphasis on domestic scale growing.

Our Aim: To empower local people from the grass roots up, to establish local food sovereignty or semi-autonomous food production.

Our Tool Box: We use Community networking, Local knowledge, Hands on learning, Local/free natural resources, and Volunteered time and labour.

We Provide: Workshops, Garden tours, Market site for local barter and trade, Support for the Waitati school kitchen garden, a Network of local growers as a knowledge base/source who can be put in touch with people who need help, Information updates, A Question and answers column and Planting calendar in the Blueskin News, A Community vegetable growing space for bulk crops.


What we're up to this year:

Edible Garden Tours & Workshops

Cooperative Garden

Open Orchard Initiative

The Blueskin Harvest Markets


Enviro-Schools gardens?


More Information:

Background, Vision, Mission, Goals, Etc...

Other Benefits & Advantages of Growing Your Own Food


News / Archives:

Some reports about previous WEGgie activities...



Photos of various weggie activities


Join the WEGgies (or become a "Friend of the WEGgies"):

I would like to become a Member of the WEGgies (Only $5 for a life membership! And there are some GREAT benefits.) Sign me up please!

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New, old and interesting movies on food featured here from time to time. Here's a US-centric doco on the Industrialisation of agriculture - exposing the dangers in the US Food Industry. Not relevant to NZ? Well, pay a litle more attention next time you're in the supermarket. Where does that pork come from - does it have country of origin on it? What about the instant, microwavable popcorn? Take a closer look.



Jason Ross' incredible Planting Calendar for Coastal Otago.

Local fruit tree wizard and edible landscape designer Jason Ross has created an A3 annual planting calendar for the region. Printed on recycled paper and the right size to stick on your fridge, it tells you what you can plant when in our region. Planting calendars are available from Taste Nature (Dunedin) and from the Blueskin Bay Library or from Jason (jason@sutherlandnursery.co.nz).



Lynnaire Johnston:

Phone: (03) 482 1364

Email: waitati.edible.gardeners@gmail.com



Waitati Edible Gardeners group - Garden Tour 2007

One of our famous Edible Garden Tours - December 2007



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