MEETING 6 - 18 August 2008 - Forward Planning Meeting


James T, Ian H, Phil R, Belinda H, Faith & Uli, David M, Joanne & Pat, Robin M, Bryan R, Dean M, Paul M


Jenny H, Ann R, Graeme & Jean M, Rose M, Christina M


Since our first meeting on June 9 we have had 5 meetings, 3 of which have been screenings of movies. 

Numbers have been down recently possibly as a result of reduced oil prices and winter conditions.

We discussed the pros and cons of meeting on other nights and it was generally agreed that Monday was the best night of the week.

[Those who couldn’t attend obviously couldn’t disagree – Please drop a line if Mondays are a problem].

Paul outlined the Transition Town Values – Resilience, Positive Vision, Inclusivity, Having Fun, Visible Action.

Paul outlined the first 5 steps to Transition. Noted that TTMarton is working on steps 1, 2 and 3.

1. Set up a steering group and design its demise from the outset.

- see below

2. Awareness Raising - through movies, public meetings and articles

- This is ongoing but up until now has been fairly low key

3. Lay the Foundations – establish contact with existing community groups.

- Paul M has done a TT presentation to DHB Cluster

- Please think about other community contacts people have who we can network with.

4. Organise a Great Unleashing – Major public event 6-12 months after establishment of a steering group

- Late summer/autumn could suit this, but to be discussed further

5. Form Working Groups – To reflect the interests of those participating.

- Paul M felt that there are probably 3 general focus groups that we could start with that encompass people’s interest areas.  These could then branch off as required.

i. A gardening and household type group

ii. A building/energy/gadget group

iii. An information/communication group

- There is also a fair bit of interest about alternative fuelled vehicles and to a lesser extent public utilities

Steering Group Volunteers Approved

Phil R, Dave M, Robin M, Bryan R, James T, Paul M to meet 25 August, 4 Dunsinane Place 7:30pm

Upcoming Events

Sunday 24 August – Movie Garbage Warrior at Palmerston North Film Festival 11:30am

Please send a reply if interested to attend so we can share transport.

Monday 22 Sept – Visit by James Samuel National Coordinator NZ Transition Towns

This will be a great opportunity to consolidate and to communicate a picture of the national and international TT movement

Noted that JS has done many presentations to Local Authorities and would be good to invite Mayor and councillors.

Steering Group to plan/initiate focus and scope. 

10 – 12 October – Taupo Eco Show

Dave M gave last years Eco-show the thumbs up.  There is a whole days worth of static displays and products and there are also seminars and lectures for those with more time on their hands.  Paul M expressed interest in attending Saturday, 11th October, possibly driving up and back the same day. (Car share)

Sat 8th November – Market Day

Belinda handles the bookings for Market day and can help.  Agreed that we set up a stall outside one of the vacant shops.  Another small project to help us become known in the town.

Matters Miscellaneous

Dave M reported that Mark Christiansen of Sustainable Whanganui will be doing a seed swap at 18 Marybank Rd.

Faith mentioned that John Abrahams of Ngati Apa has kindly offered a quarter acre plot somewhere in Rata to anybody who wants to develop it as a community garden project.  The general feeling of the group was that we are not set up to tackle a project out of town.  Steering Group to thank JA for his offer.

Paul M advised that the koha stands at $77.00 [$97.00 at end of meeting]

Paul M advised that the elders of the Elim Church were happy for Transition Town Marton to free use of the facilities because it is part of the vision of the church to support the local community.  However as we have used power and gas heating it is only fair that we make a contribution. Steering Group to discuss further.

Bryan R suggested that we continue to make it clear that Transition Town Groups are non party political.

Paul M recommended that people get involved on the TTNZ website to learn what is going on

Those who want to set up a personal profile go here

Date of Next Meeting – Monday 1st Sept 2008 commencing at 7:30.

Meeting Ended