Transition Towns in the Media

A while ago I set up a Google search and reader that finds links if Transition Towns appears in the news anywhere. I was astounded to find 25 new items when I looked today! Here are 16 of them!

Timing is right for transition
Southern Highland News, Australia - 3 hours ago
CANWin member Kathy Biddlecombe said the petition had succeeded in raising awareness of the Transition Town movement in the community and among council

Life After Oil: Designing the Transition
Los Angeles Streetsblog, CA - 10 hours ago
Join us as we explore the Transition Towns concept that is catching on like wildfire in the UK. What Can We Do about peak oil and global warming?

RINF.COM, UK - Aug 30, 2008
SchNEWS | From Transition Town workshops to the city slickers at the Financial Times (to over-excited pieces in ill-researched journals like SchNEWS),

Urbanite Baltimore, MD - Aug 29, 2008
That led him to create “Transition Towns”—among them the village of Totnes in southwestern England where he now lives. Hopkins and his colleagues have

Peak Oil And Future History, India - Aug 23, 2008
There are no “transition towns” that acquire food, clothing, or shelter without large quantities of fossil fuels somewhere in the background.

Lessons from Climate Camp
Ha’aretz, Israel - Aug 28, 2008
In the UK, the Transition Town movement is another grass-roots-led movement that has seen concerned citizens across the country coming together to make

Bank backs Lewes pound
Horsham Today, UK - Aug 22, 2008
by national newspaper columnist Polly Toynbee, Stewart Wallis from the New Economics Foundation and Rob Hopkins the founder of Transition Towns concept.

Dishing the Dirt
Aucklander, New Zealand - Aug 21, 2008
Transition towns offer a wonderful framework for communities to deal with future problems - not just rising petrol and food prices but in disasters as well

Reconnecting with the heritage on your own doorstep
Irish Times, Ireland - Aug 20, 2008
In Tramore on Tuesday, August 26th, Back to the Future 2030 is an event run by the Transition Town Initiative which invites locals to tour the town with

It’s been a long journey to Bega
Bega District News, Australia - Aug 18, 2008
Which is one of the things that excites John about the Transition Town project. “We can really make a difference in Bega,” he says…

Casting votes must be weighed for value
Southern Highland News, Australia - Aug 18, 2008
The bike strategy and transition town concept will also play a hand in deciding people’s votes. Over the next few weeks, the News will publish answers to a

Ketchum is 3rd Transition Town in USA!
Sun Valley (press release), ID - Aug 7, 2008
Boulder, Colorado and Sandpoint, Idaho were the first two official Transition Towns in the United States. A Transition Town is a community that has

Great time to be in Scotland
New Statesman, UK - Jul 31, 2008
Ecovillages and Transition Towns conference in Dublin, both of which were addressed by their respective Ministers of the Environment, both dialoguing

Transition Town meeting Aug. 14

Peterborough Examiner, Canada - Aug 7, 2008
A film “A Crude Awakening” will be shown as part of a Transition Town Peterborough presentation on Thursday, Aug. 14 at the Peterborough Public Library.

Maidenhead is an official Transition Town (TT)

Business in Berkshire (press release), UK - Aug 1, 2008
After a year of work Maidenhead has been officially recognised as a Transition Town and can now take advantage of the global community network of ideas and

Uncertainty fuels transition debate

Northland Independent Community, New Zealand - Aug 1, 2008
The group is following a 12-step transition template adopted by other so-called transition towns in New Zealand and overseas, says member Rebecca Ranum.