Nick Goff-

Piha Transition movement. Piha can be a great example of a self sustaining community. Due to its geographical location it would be possible to monitor all power requirements needed in Piha and monitor the reduction in power through energy efficincey and renewable energy.

It would be great to begin a list of renewable energy in Piha with peoples opinion of the technology and how impressed or un impressed they are with it.

  • Perhaps the start of a solar club looking at a bulk buy scheme for solar thermal and solar PV (power)
  • Bulk buy scheme of low energy lightbulbs
  • sharing of an energy meter scheme to look at your households energy usage. I have one for people to borrow. It may be a good item to put into Piha libary

If your interested in being part of Piha solar club or borrowing the energy meter please e mail me at nicholas.goff@hotmail.com

At present I belive these are the most simple solutions for Piha due to wind power being an unlikely option in the Witakeres.

I have produced a study on Kite kite falls as a micro hydro project. This would obviously have some serious problems and opposition. Which i think is very understandable. However its good fun to look at all the options and thinking long term after all other solutions have been looked at could be an option to provide a small input into the communitys energy supply. It may also be a great community owned project.