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Welcome to Transition Point Chevalier (TPC)


We have following active sub-groups up and running: The Old Homestead Community Garden with the Dignan Street Community Garden Hub, and the Bulk Purchasing Group. Then there is our Resource Pool for community members who would like to borrow mulchers, hoes, juicers etc. We also have set up recycling for soft plastics at Pt Chevalier Primary School, Te Ra Rd - to avoid this going into landfill - please read more here.

For more detailed information please see the minutes from our monthly gatherings below. Archived versions from the previous years are available here: 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017.

Transition Towns Point Chevalier is looking forward to starting our monthly meetings for 2018. We are continuing to alternate between the 2nd Tuesday of the month and the 2nd Wednesday of the month. We realise this can get confusing so here are the first 6 months with venue details so you can put them in your diary. Everyone is welcome.

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Meeting Minutes Agenda Items - July 2018

Agenda items:


1. Zero Carbon Bill Submission – Alison Burt

2. Point Chevalier Town Planning & Place-Making Update – Heidi O'Callahan

a. Community Halls

b. 4-minute walk to a grassy play area

c. Development to Improve Safety and Urban Form

d. Possible Locations for new Bike Stands


For the detailed minutes please contact the communications team here.

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Meeting Minutes Agenda Items - May 2018

Agenda items:


  1. Cohaus development - presentation by Thom Gil and Prue
  2. Submissions on low emissions economy (Heidi).
  3. Books launch (Niki).
  4. Update on Waste Minimization Management Plan (Bex).
  5. Promotion of alternatives to plastic bags, stall at Countdown (Guido).


For the detailed minutes please contact the communications team here.

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Minutes of Transition Town Pt Chevalier meeting - 10 April 2018

April 2018 TTPC minutes


Niki host, Heidi, Richard, Jenny, Bruce, Bex

Apologies: Ally, Brigitte, Walter, Ellen


Agenda items

History photos Grey Lynn 2030, anniversary, celebration day on September 3rd.

Workshop Reducing Household waste run by TPC.

Neighbors Day, 25th March.

For The Love of Bees.

Program to manage the increase in trucks that will happen with the Unitec construction.

Niki’s book launch 11th May, Pt Chevalier Library 6- 7.30pm.

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Minutes of Transition Town Pt Chevalier meeting - 13 Feb 2018

Agenda only

Please request minutes if required.

1. Plan for year

2. Workshops at Community Centre

3. Cycle Paths

4. Repair Cafe

5. Wairaka Star Ride

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