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Transition Pt Chevalier Minutes 11 February 2014

Present: Keith, Adrian, Walter, Yolanda, Niki, Adrienne, Deryn, Anne, Jenny, Chris

Apologies: Anna, Ally, Ellen, Bruce

Brought gifts of vegetable and fruit but couldn’t stay: Terry

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Welcome to Transition Point Chevalier (TPC 2013)


We have four sub-groups up and running: a Gardening Group with its own Community Garden at the Old Homestead, a Library Group, and a Purchasing Group. A project subgroup also successfully organised a Treasure Hunt for Point Chevalier. And then there is our Resource Pool for community members who would like to borrow mulchers, hoes, juicers etc. We also have set up recycling for soft plastics at Pt Chevalier Primary School, Te Ra Rd - to avoid this going into landfill - please read more here.

For more detailed information please see the minutes from our monthly meetings below. Archived versions from the previous years are available here: 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012.

We'd love to see you at one of our monthly meetings or a sub-group meeting! General meetings for 2013 will be held in the upstairs lounge area of the Springs of Life Church, 126 Point Chevalier Road on the second Tuesday of the month starting at 07:30pm. There will be no meeting in December and January. Meetings for the year 2013 are on Tuesday 12 February, 12 March, 9 April, 14 May, 11 June, 9 July, 13 August, 10 September, 8 October and 12 November.

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Transition Town Pt Chevalier meeting 12 November 2013

Present - Walter, Keith, Anna, Adrian, Ally, Adee, Yolanda, Jenny, Terry

Apologies – Niki, Deryn, Bruce





The old Homestead is sitting waiting for council consent, which was a last minute change from advice in the past where no consent was required.


Guest speaker request

Reminder about email sent by Ally to speak at the opening of the Glen Eden Transition Towns group on 3rd December. Ally will check that other TT groups have been asked.


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Minutes of Transition Towns Pt Chevalier meeting – Tuesday 8th October 2013

Present: Niki, Walter, Anne, Anna, Ali, Ellen, Guido, Yolanda, Deryn

Apologies – Adrian, Bruce


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Minutes of Transition Pt. Chevalier Meeting - 10 September 2013

Present: Yolanda (chair), Bruce, Adrian, Deryn, Jenny, Terrance
Apologies: Nikki, Adee, Ally, Keith
Minutes: Bruce
1. Community market on August 24th was cancelled at last moment so no TT stall
2. Marketing group
  • About me http://about.me/transitionptchevalier  is now live but there has been minimal activity so far. Facebook page was not progressed during month while awaiting Suzanne Kendrick lecture  on Facebook.

Minutes of Transition Pt. Chevalier Meeting - 13 August 2013

Present: Niki (chair), Keith, Bruce, Adrian, Deryn, Jenny, Anne, Terrance

Apologies: Yolanda, Adee, Ally, Jane

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Transition Pt Chev Meeting – 9 July 2013

Present:    Adrian, Niki, Yolanda, Adrienne, Keith, Walter, Guido, Bruce

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TT Pt Chev Meeting – 11 June 2013

Present:    Adrian, Terry, Adrienne, Jo, Walter, Waimania, Jane, Kiri, Jenny, Anna, Bruce,

University of Auckland Students: John, Toby, Kurtis, Jessica

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Sunny Sunday - beat the weather with positive thinking - exercise - we achieved!!


On 26 May 2013, we had a small gathering in beautiful weather to celebrate the revamping of the community garden with the help of the Eden-Albert Local Board Community Garden Grant and the Mt Albert Baptist Church working bee. Guest of honour, Darma from the Mt Albert Baptists, immediately saw potential for a new little project he'd be happy to help to build. Watch the spot, we're going posh! » Read more

Recycle soft plastic at Pt Chev Primary School

Recycling at Pt Chev Primary School


Enviroreel uses soft plastic to make large cable reels, out of 100% recycled plastic. » Read more

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