Point Chevalier

Minutes of Transition Pt. Chevalier Meeting - 13 August 2013

Present: Niki (chair), Keith, Bruce, Adrian, Deryn, Jenny, Anne, Terrance

Apologies: Yolanda, Adee, Ally, Jane

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Transition Pt Chev Meeting – 9 July 2013

Present:    Adrian, Niki, Yolanda, Adrienne, Keith, Walter, Guido, Bruce

                Apoloigies – Ally, Anna, Deryn and Geoff » Read more

TT Pt Chev Meeting – 11 June 2013

Present:    Adrian, Terry, Adrienne, Jo, Walter, Waimania, Jane, Kiri, Jenny, Anna, Bruce,

University of Auckland Students: John, Toby, Kurtis, Jessica

Apoloigies – Niki and Yolanda » Read more

Sunny Sunday - beat the weather with positive thinking - exercise - we achieved!!


On 26 May 2013, we had a small gathering in beautiful weather to celebrate the revamping of the community garden with the help of the Eden-Albert Local Board Community Garden Grant and the Mt Albert Baptist Church working bee. Guest of honour, Darma from the Mt Albert Baptists, immediately saw potential for a new little project he'd be happy to help to build. Watch the spot, we're going posh! » Read more

Recycle soft plastic at Pt Chev Primary School

Recycling at Pt Chev Primary School


Enviroreel uses soft plastic to make large cable reels, out of 100% recycled plastic. » Read more

TT Pt Chev Meeting – 14 May 2013

TT Pt Chev Meeting – 14 May 2013

Present: Niki, Ally, Yolanda, Derryn, Adrian, Adrienne, Jane, Steve, Sarah, Jenny, Anna, Walter, Alistair » Read more

The unbelievable journey of the community garden transformation in a weekend !

Rejuvenating the Old Homestead Community Garden.


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Transition Pt Chevalier Meeting - 9 April 2013

Present: Ally, Yolanda, Anna, Adrian, Jenny, Vanessa, Graham, Anne, Walter, VJ, Niki, Keith, Steve

Apologies: Adrienne, Sarah

University of Auckland Masters in Urban planning students : John, Anissa,  Jessica, Toby, Kurtis » Read more

Transition Pt Chevalier Meeting - 12 March 2013

Present – Adee, Graeme, VJ, John (UofA), Melissa (UofA), Jessica (UofA), Toby (UofA), Curtis (UofA), Jenny, Niki, Walter, Adrian, Deryn, Anna

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Transition Pt Chevalier Meeting - 12 February 2013

Present: Deryn, Keith, Yolanda, Ellen, Ally, Niki, Guido, Bruce, Chris, Walter

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