Point Chevalier

TT Pt Chev Meeting – 14 May 2013

TT Pt Chev Meeting – 14 May 2013

Present: Niki, Ally, Yolanda, Derryn, Adrian, Adrienne, Jane, Steve, Sarah, Jenny, Anna, Walter, Alistair » Read more

The unbelievable journey of the community garden transformation in a weekend !

Rejuvenating the Old Homestead Community Garden.


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Transition Pt Chevalier Meeting - 9 April 2013

Present: Ally, Yolanda, Anna, Adrian, Jenny, Vanessa, Graham, Anne, Walter, VJ, Niki, Keith, Steve

Apologies: Adrienne, Sarah

University of Auckland Masters in Urban planning students : John, Anissa,  Jessica, Toby, Kurtis » Read more

Transition Pt Chevalier Meeting - 12 March 2013

Present – Adee, Graeme, VJ, John (UofA), Melissa (UofA), Jessica (UofA), Toby (UofA), Curtis (UofA), Jenny, Niki, Walter, Adrian, Deryn, Anna

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Transition Pt Chevalier Meeting - 12 February 2013

Present: Deryn, Keith, Yolanda, Ellen, Ally, Niki, Guido, Bruce, Chris, Walter

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Minutes Transition Town Meeting Nov 13th, 2012

Apologies Nikki, Geoff, Keith, Ali, Anna, Guido

Present Jenny, Adrian, Anne , Adee, Jessica, Bruce, Walter, Leonard, Yolanda, Deryn. » Read more

Transition Pt Chevalier Saturday Dance-walk and Flashmob

We’ve held two successful dance-walks and flash-mobs in November and our last one will be on November 24. We will be dance-walking from the corner of Dignan St and Pt Chevalier Rd to the library. We will depart at 10.35am. Dance-walking simply means making our way up the road to music. We will bring a selection of dance songs, but you are welcome to bring your MP3 player or Ipod along with your favourites and we can play those too.
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Resource Recovery network information

Auckland Council has recently adopted a new Waste Management and Minimisation Plan. The plan brings the different waste and recycling services of the seven former councils under one umbrella and will mean changes as standard charging regimes and services are provided across the region.

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