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Transition images for element magazine with the Herald

Hi folks,

I am writing a piece on TT for this publication, and would love to feature a great high resolution shot of TTers in action (preferably a garden or construction job, rather than discussion or stall).

It would be great if you anyone with a shot they really feel sums up the TT experience could contact me here or at

Cheers, and keep up the good work!

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This looks set to be quite a wild ride

It's easy to "go dark" on Peak Oil, to focus on the dark side, worry about your children, your family, the world.  Learning about the reality of Peak Oil was  a bit like getting hit in the face with a wet fish, but slowly the silver linings appeared.

Sitting on the motorway, 4:00 pm, Friday, and we are all going exactly nowhere and I think to myself "yeah, peak oil will sort this one out mate!" » Read more

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