The Urban Environment

AUT Professor Grant Schofield talks about urban design and health, especially physical activity, reducing sedentary behaviour.

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What About Flying?

I'm a Mechanical Engineer. I spend some of my time teaching the next generation of engineers what we know to be true, how to apply the fundamental laws to problems, and how to practice their art. If you ask me a good question, there are logical processes to provide a good answer. » Read more

Inductive Charging

Here's on for those interested in electric vehicles.

Definitely falls into the realm of Ecotopian GreenTech so not a "Transition" community innitiative but certainly a way to de-petroleum urban transport at the city or state level.

What I think is interesting about this is that the technology was developed here in NZ by Auckland University and demonstrates that there is a lot of work, innovation and development around sustainable transport going on out there in mainstream land » Read more

Free carpooling web page for your Transition Town

I spoke with Rod a few days ago. He's a New Zealander living in Sydney, and is offering free carpooling pages to all NZ TT communities. I'm delighted and excited at this genuine offering. Please do take advantage of it!



We're Jayride, NZ's biggest and best carpool matching website, with over 5,500 members and 80,000 rides shared. 

We help people connect to share their ride, to split the petrol cost and their co2 emissions. With enough use we reduce traffic in your town, and can help your community reclaim your streets from the automobile.

Now, we're offering your group a free dedicated page on Jayride. You can brand it, list rides on it, and use it to organise sustainable travel in your community.  » Read more

Sailing craft for a post-collapse world

Here is an excellent article by Dmitry Orlov on the possibilities of sea transport in a post-Collapse world.

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Which Wellington-region council candidates support sustainable transport options?

The Sustainable Wellington Region Transport group asked local body election candidates for their views on key transport projects in the region, such as the Basin Reserve flyover, light rail for Wellington, and the Kapiti Expressway. » Read more

Amory Lovin's strategy for reshaping the US transport sector

Hi All,

I was trawling through the TED talks yesterday and I came across a very interesting talk by Amory Lovins on work he has done to ween America of foriegn oil. » Read more

Wellington Public Transport Review

Wellington Public Transport Review

The Wellington public transport review has now stepped up a gear, and you will receive a survey form in your mailbox during the few days. Greater Wellington plans and funds most public transport, and is now looking at public transport routes, when and how often services run, and how they connect with each other.

I have already received a number of submissions calling for better services in places like » Read more

Kar Share Waiheke

A simple agreement has allowed my family to make use of a small Mazda car. I would like us to use it less than we do, but it is a step in the direction of sharing resources. Paul Gilligan has made this vehicle available, and we recently negotiated a financial agreement that we will run with for a while to see how it works.

The following numbers are simplistic and not based on deep understanding of accounting principles or tax write-off's, etc. » Read more

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Over a barrel - a new vision needed


This is the text of the feature article I had published in the Dominion Post on Monday. Feel free to quote or distribute it as needed.



Tim Jones

  » Read more

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